BLUEcloud Mobile Issue in NOAM

We are investigating an issue with BLUEcloud Mobile in North America.  Estimated down time should be about 10 minutes as of this messaging.  This post will be updated when services are back online.

Update:  Upon investigation it was found that Windows Updates were being performed on the database server causing disruption.  We will update configuration to ensure Windows Updates are scehduled to run and install during off-hours.

Update 2:  Windows updates are still being installed on the server.  To prevent risk of OS corrpution we are allowing the Windows updates to complete.  There is no immediate ETA at this time.

Update 3:  The BLUEcloud Mobile database server is being brought back online now.  Followed by its webserver.  We should have services restored in about 5 minutes of this update - 12:48 p.m. MT.

Update 4:  Issues with the database server have persisted through the restart of services - we are continuing to investigate erratic behavior on the database environment.

Update 5:  Our BLUEcloud Mobile partner is doing further in-depth investigation on the issue.  No further updates as of now.

Update 6:  We believe to have found the method in our database that was causing the disruption and have isolated it away from our regular database activities.  We have brought up the application and it appears to be stable.  This will be the last update for this issue - however we are closely monitoring for any recurrence of today's service disruption. 



BLUEcloud Mobile
03 Jan 2023 - 7:14pm UTC to 04 Jan 2023 - 12:21am UTC