NOAM BLUEcloud Scheduled Maintenance

To improve performance and resolve issues that have been causing unexpected downtime, we have scheduled maintenance for NA1, NA2 and NA3 instances of BLUEcloud Central products as well as our Atlanta housed BLUEcloud Mobile, Community Engagement Platform, CloudSource, and BLUEcloud Analytics on June 16, 2022.   All hosted BLUEcloud products affected will be inaccessible for approximately two hours during the maintenance window.

Scheduled extracts for Enterprise, BLUEcloud Central, and BLUEcloud Analytics will be disrupted during the maintenance window.  After the maintenance has completed, please contact Customer Support by opening a case or starting a chat, and ask that they manually start the extracts that were disrupted or wait until your next scheduled extract. 

This maintenance does not affect any customer instances hosted in MTL.

Please monitor this post for information related to environment availability. 

6/16/22 - 8:00 - Maintenance is underway, applications are being shut down.

6/16/22 - 8:25 - Applications are shut down.  We will update this post when we are starting our BLUEcloud applications back up.

6/16/22 - 9:48 - Maintenance is still ongoing, however it is taking longer than initially expected.  We will be extending the downtime window by 1 hour this morning.

6/16/22 - 10:46 - Our storage vendor encountered an issue with one of the blades in our storage array and is having to work around that issue.  Maintenance is still ongoing, and we do not yet have an update as to when the applications will become available.  We will update this message when we have our next update.

6/16/22 - 11:50 - We have received verification that maintenance is completed.  We are now beginning to start up all BLUEcloud systems.

6/16/22 - 12:53 - All BLUEcloud systems are back online.

BLUEcloud Analytics
BLUEcloud Core
BLUEcloud Mobile
16 Jun 2022 - 2:00pm to 6:53pm UTC