Horizon Profiles issue

We are currently investigating an issue with Horizon profiles not loading. Issue is not affecting everyone. Horizon loads up with a blank a login screen.

Update 10:30Am East:  We are restoring the profile folders from backup. Another update will come soon

Update 11:50am East: Restore is still going. Customers can still login to the system by inputing the horizon login info.

Update 1:00pm East: Restore is completed, and profiles are all back to normal. Service restored


Root cause analysis:

-The name space for the Distributed File System has gone corrupted. The network share for profiles is using the DFS for redundancy and fail over, but since the DFS name space was lost, the profiles were not loading anymore

-Solution: Restore from previous day's backup and recreate the DFS network share for profiles.

-Long term solution: We are looking to host the DFS share elsewhere on 2 dedicated server for this role. This will allow better/easier/faster management and restore capabilities


31 May 2022 - 1:07pm UTC