NOAM BLUEcloud Service Outage

We are currently investigating service connectivity issues for all BLUEcloud products hosted in Atlanta.   This post will be updated when more information is available.

6:15am MDT - We are continuing to investigate connectivity issues for all BLUEcloud products hosted in Atlanta.

7:15am MDT - We are continuing to investigate what appears to be a storage array issue.  We are attempting shutting down ALL BLUEcloud products in Atlanta.

8:15am MDT - The shutdown of software/servers in NOAM continues.  Infrastructure response times are slow due to the storage array issue, causing some slowness in our ability to shut down - however we are progressing.

8:30am MDT - The software/service startup has commenced.

9:15am MDT - The software/service startup is ongoing, so far without issue.

10:02am MDT - We have completed the startup phase and are now doing integrity testing on the systems, access should be restored within the current hour.

11:13am MDT - Testing continues, once we are complete with testing, access will be restored.

11:44am MDT - Access to all BLUEcloud services in NOAM has been restored.

** Note:   Several nightly BCA transforms were interrupted and due to the nature of the issue.   If your transform data is not up to date, your data will be updated on the next routine nightly run of the extract and transform process.  Otherwise there are still many transforms in queue processing for today.  

BLUEcloud Analytics
BLUEcloud Core
BLUEcloud Mobile
27 May 2022 - 11:00am to 5:44pm UTC