Reports of network connectivity issues in Montreal - RESOLVED

25th April 2022

11:15 AM CDT - At this time we have confirmed customers are able to connect and all systems are working as expected.  Internally, we will continue to investigate and document our findings in the associated root cause document. If you continue to experience problems connecting to your hosted environment, please contact Customer Support.

11:00 AM CDT - our IT department is currently investigating the issue and reported a likely power issue that created a problem with the primary firewall.  They confirmed connections have failed over to the secondary firewall.  They are working with our colocation partner to determine if the cause was at the facility level or within our rack.  At this time we ask customers to test connectivity again.

We are receiving reports of network connectivity issues for all customers at our Montreal location.  Additional details will be posted here as we continue our investigation.  

25 Apr 2022 - 3:28pm to 4:00pm UTC