Melbourne Network Disruption

16:35 AEDT - We have engineering staff currently looking at the BLUEcloud issues affecting the Melbourne data center.

15:35 AEDT - We are aware of some BcAnalytics issues that will be addressed overnight (Melbourne time). Updates will be posted under the BcAnalytics service.

14:00 AEDT - Nearly 100% of all Production and Test services are now available. Please contact Customer Support for any issues you are encountering so that we can investigate and remedy. This is the last hourly update. We will create and publish a Root Cause Analysis report of this incident. We apologize for the disruption to you, your staff, and your communities. Thank you for your patience.

13:00 AEDT - CEP is up. CloudSource and BLUEcloud should follow soon. BLUEcloud Analytics will be last. Production instances of Symphony and Enterprise should all be up. There are 8 Web Service sites remaining to be started. Test servers are now being started. We are working on a Citrix issue for Horizon sites that should be resolved shortly.

12:00 AEDT - Many services are restored at this point, others are in the process of start up and testing. If you have access to your system then it is ready for use. BLUEcloud services may take another hour to bring online.

11:00 AEDT - Some service restoration is underway. We anticipate approximately one hour to have the majority of primary services running again.

10:00 AEDT - The network infrastructure is coming up and being tested. Service restoration should begin within the next 60-90 minutes.

09:00 AEDT  -  We are continuing to work with our vendors.  We do not have an estimate on service restoration.

08:00 AEDT  -  We are currently working with our vendors on troubleshooting the problem.  We do not have an estimate on service restoration.

07:00 AEDT  -  We are continuing to address what we believe to be a virtual private cloud (VPC) issue.  We are in the process of restarting the underlying switching environment, after which we will continue our troubleshooting.  We hope to have an availability estimate prior to the next scheduled hourly update.

Wednesday, 2nd March, 06:16 AEDT (Tuesday, 1st March, 13:16 U.S. CST) - We are actively working on a networking event in our Melbourne facility.  This is impacting all services hosted in the Melbourne data center.  Updates will be posted here at the top of every hour. 

01 Mar 2022 - 7:16pm UTC